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Hi, my name is Reginald Ribeye and I passionately believe that amazing food should not have to cost the earth. I always try to buy the more unconventional, unpopular and not-yet-trendy ingredients, in the hope of transforming them into cut-price gourmet dishes. 

My wife and I live in Marylebone in central London, which has lots of exotic (and by that, I mean cheap and grateful for business) food stores and delis for me to buy my ingredients, along with the fancy and overpriced boutique groceries (which I tend to avoid), within a stone's throw of our flat. 

Every one of my dishes comes in at under the £3 per serving mark, and I won't skimp on the quality of the produce. No battery chickens or barn eggs for me, thanks. 

Every now and again I will break the rules and write up a slightly pricier recipe, as the mood for a special treat engulfs me - perhaps a birthday, or a ... Sunday afternoon etc. 

Also, I sometimes feel the urge to write about a particularly good, reasonably-priced restaurant visit, or a street food purchase. You'll find links to these special posts, along with all of my recipes, in the 'categories' section just to the right.

Please feel free to email me your recipes, suggestions and comments to:potlessrecipes@gmail.com, and I'll get back to you. Or just leave comments on any of the individual posts. Either way, it's lovely to receive your feedback. 

If you click to follow my blog, you'll be instantly updated on all of my latest gastronomical exploits. Oh, and follow me on Twitter and 'like' my Facebook page too. I'm quite the social networker, you know... 

Love Reggie xxx

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